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Our Preschool Facilities

  • Mouse Time

    Mouse Time

    Do you know your child is a Whiz Kid!

    Mouse Time one-of-a-kind computer based learning workshop, designed and created by Little Springs. It’s aimed to enable your child’s attentiveness and involvement in the class room alongside learning how to use the mouse at his/her earlier stage of learning.

  • Books Corner

    Books Corner

    Wouldn’t you love to read Bed time stories for your child?

    Your children reading ability starts at yearly state of their growth. Parents play a major role in inducing the habit of reading. To facilitate, Little Springs provides the Books Corner. The parents can avail books and Media categories starting from storytelling to parenting free of charge.

  • Sand Play

    Sand Play

    Isn’t it fun building sand castles!

    Early state of your children’s exploration needs soft and elastic environments to understand part of the world they live and Sand pit becomes the integral part of that learning. Your child can make castle to mickey mouse at our Little Springs Sand Play.

  • Aqua Splash

    Aqua Splash

    Who never wants to play in the water?

    Early introduction of your child to the water will optimize their development and retention of water safety skills. We provide a fun and safe aqua pool where your little one enjoy and cherish the warmth of the water.

  • Play Area

    Play Area

    Slide, Glide, Swing, Roll, tuck and hop!

    Kids are meant to play and we understand that. Our Play Area provides an exhaustive set of toys and materials for your kids to have fun as well as learn.

  • Craft Shop

    Craft Shop

    A butterfly made of out of newspaper in your fridge door, creator: your child! Sounds proud isn’t it.

    Whether it is month old newspaper or a drinking straw, anything can become your child’s raw material for art. Our Craft Shop provides a creative and thoughtful guidance and support for your child’s art thirst.